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XLM has recently released the APU - Auxiliary Power Unit.

The APU is revolutionary as idling machinery and excavators will idle at just one litre of fuel per hour. The APU will additionally save machinery asset years, extend service times, reduce emissions and increase production times.

Featured Product

Retrofit and remotely monitor all aspects of your drilling rig fleet.


24 hour communication via Satellite and LTE connection when available. XLM Rigs delivers immediate savings, allowing drilling companies to supervise an entire remote fleet from one central location.


Complete remote fuel management and monitoring for your site.

XLM Tank Manager delivers the ability to control, monitor and track all fuel movements across your site. Track the movement of fuel as it happens. Control Service Truck and Light Vehicle movements via the Fuel App and have real time alerts for exception reporting.


XLM has the ability and proven track record to automate, monitor and report on all remote assets, leading to significant labour and maintenance savings.

We currently offer this service for Light Towers, Generators, Pumps, Service Trucks, Light Vehicles and most site based assets.